Here's some brilliant synthwave by Mitch Murder! Interceptor!

I thought i'd share another brilliant piece. Mitch Murder's Interceptor. Synthwave with feels.<br> Mitch Murder, or Johan Bengtsson, from Stockholm, known as one of the many artists that popularized the synthwave genre.<br>;gt;Thisof the top synthwave stuff that I love. Anything cybernetic, retro-futuristic, cyber-raving, cyberpunk. Stuff that the future was supposed to be like. 80s' style future i suppose heh. It's 2018, and we still don't have reliable flying cars yet. Then again I don't trust cyclists let alone drivers these days, so not a good idea yet...

Mitch Murder - Interceptor (Official Music Video)The official Mad Decent YouTube release of Mitch Murder - Interceptor. Stream the full track and other Mitch Murder releases here or show support on iTunes o...
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