What is your go-to question to ask new friends or to get a conversation going?

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Howdy! This is El Monte Slim telling ya to come on down to wide track town! God damn, we got some out of site deals for ya! Yes sir! hehe smilie

Did the Brewers win today?

Pretending to be a dog, letting them pet me, until everyone is comfortable... and then trying to explain to them, I can talk too! xp smilie

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Do you need to borrow some eggs?

I usually welcome them to Amirite and hope they enjoy the site.

A song is always a good conversation starter!
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"My mom gave me a plastic bag full of washed fresh red potatoes/potatos, would you like to come over to my place and peel the creepy stuff out of them? I could boil them first, before frying 'em on the pan. I have some meaty sauce she made, waiting for the union procedure... Don't worry, she has five children, she doesn't have any clue of what sex is about, Gerard Liz Borden."

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She's going to kill me with a left figure skating blade.

That's the nature of things. Romance cannot come without bitchin' and pain. Usually in parallel order, though.

"Hello little girl! Would you like some candy?"

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Oops! Should I have included the sarcasm warning?

Got a stick of gum?..

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