If you could invent a prize or award what would it be and who should win it?

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I got it... How's about a no bullshit award?
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@ForkNdaRoad I got it... How's about a no bullshit award?

Yeah that's right bull! Only Zolfieshit allowed! xp smilie
Wait... Zolfie is a Taurus! omg smiliemaniac smiliehehe smilie

Interesting, it goes to the person with the least sh!t?

This award would be for the celebrity that said the stupidest thing for that week. The nominees are too numerous to count. Image in content

Invent a Prize? ... one Billion Dollars! ... and it would go to me since I'm awesome (and because it's my prize, so I get to pick the winner maniac smiliehehe smiliemischief smilie)

But more serious, I would invent something the JD Power Award, which a lot of people seem to think company just buy, like a sponsorship (not saying they do, but what people think), and companies are coming to them and maybe paying them money.

Basically an award, that's suppose to mean something, companies are really in demanded for it, and willing to pay me a lot to get it.

Welcome to the first and last Award of the evening. This time, we couldn't really come together, when trying to figure out, so we decided to go with the Miscellanous Achievement Award.

And the nominees are:

For not stealing too many helicopters lately: Zolfie
For not shaving his beard in the last two days: StarzAbove
For not making a fool out of him- or herself: Gates McFadden

And the winner is... (drumroll...) ...it's... Oh, it's a Canadian.

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