Do you enjoy doing what you do for a living?

50% Yes. 31% No. 19% Other
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Summer at the beach must be great!

I don't have a job. My military career has been knocked down to pieces, like a slack of marble meeting Mr. T... I don't help people and I have hard time accepting any help from them either.

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You’re smart to have chosen to do what you love to do. Most people do, but they get bored with the idea of doing the same thing again and again. Graphic designing, it seems is not that monotonous.

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Absolutely! I'm retired and loving it! (Even though I was happy for most of the 50 years I was working.)

It's incredibly stressful, risky and uncertain...But it allows me to control my time and spend it the way I choose to, plus it pays the bills. So I can't complain.

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Aww.. What else can a person want from their life when their family is happy. Hope you always have a happy life.

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That’s utterly generous. smile smilie

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Maybe it’s because I live on the other side of the World, but I’m kinda confused now.

Don't have a job at the moment

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