If someone insults you and uses free speech to justify it, how would you respond?

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Or swallow themhehe smilie

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Ouch!!!! That hurt!shock smilie

I recall telling people, that Johnny is a dick, who enjoys his misery. Let's see... Those were words, correct?

I try not to react and to remember that someone can't insult me unless I care what they say.

There are people whose opinion I value so I feel insulted when they speak harshly. After a few times I tend to lose respect for them and their words lose their sting.

Free speech only means the government will not arrest you and throw you in jail. It really has nothing to do with the consequences that may arise from insulting other citiizens.

@Will_Janitor Free speech only means the government will not arrest you and throw you in jail. It really has nothing to do with...

Exactly. A wise old bird told me that the Constitution allows free speech but doesn’t mention the consequences because it acknowledges our animal nature (credit where credit’s due lol) for what it is: social, cruel at times, self-serving, and indifferent to feelings. It essentially reminds us that nature will take its course, later amendments and common sense be damned. A world with truly unlimited free expression is truly unlimited chaos. Just IMO.

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Happens all the time at work. All in good fun.))

Depends on what they said. Most of the time nothing. Though if I have a second to spare, i'll give'em a free insult too. Hey a free shot, is a free shot.

Free speech means you can use words as you please but it's a delusion to think that this freedom saves you from consequences.

I'd just let them. Free speech is free

I would excercise my free speech to tell them not to take what I say personally but that I think they are a right fuckwit

I would say most unpleasant words back in what else they could put in their mouth aside from their foot.

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Not worth my time. Why should I make every insult a problem to myself.

It happens here every day!
It happens to a lot of us every day - and because we're blocked we never even see it.

Democrats have built a new platform around insult, despicable lies, innuendo, character assassination, etc. THAT can't be ignored - that can not be allowed to become the new normal for politics.

Sticks and stones...

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