It's referred to "forgive AND forget" because you can forgive something, but you do not have to forget that something just because you forgive.

I am a VERY forgiving person, but I don't forget the things I forgave. I don't bring it up, ever, even in anger. My forgiveness has lead to being taken advantage of or for granted.

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I agree with your explanation 100%. Been there, done that!

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I've already got so many things repressed because I don't want or need the negativity.. Forgetting is hard.

I try to remember all that way I can stay out of previous troubles.

If I ever went to Seattle, I would dream of Meg Ryan and a lot of sheep surrounding her. That way, I would never be Sheepless in Seattle (rain drops falling down in the distance).

Don't they refer to Pearl Harbor Day as forgive and forget day?

Forgiveness is an act of will memory just is, I suppose one can repress memories but I'm not sure how healthy that is.

Right! I can forgive but no matter how hard I try to forget it, it will pop up in my mind on several occasions when I’ve to encounter that person again. I cannot forget. I’ll forgive most.

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