All my life I thought air was free.... until I bought a bag of chips.

Image for post All my life I thought air was free.... until I bought a bag of chips.
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Swedish air is the worst.

But I do like their chips, though.

Ya those chips have plenty of air inside. Good thing as they get pounded around alot before even reaching the store.

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I had to look up what a pence was xp smilie ... because I was thinking something else (pic below).

Really? I think air for tires around here is normally free (as they're hoping you buy something in the store). Though usually I just use an air pump at home, so I'm not sure.

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hehe smilie That made me sorta laugh because I just don't see the connection. Lots of people (at least here in the US) have some form of air pump.

For car tires, bike tires, certain types of balls. Most people that work on their own stuff seem to have some type of air pump around... and sometimes people with less money are more willing to work on their stuff, so that they save money.

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biggrin smilie, I thought you were joking at first! smile smilie

But then I remember I've been told there are a lot less cars in Europe, so I thought it might of been a culture difference or something.

Oh? What's a blow up doll? mischief smilie
You probably have experiences I don't xp smilie

You can't put a seatbelt on each chip.

So they have the safety of a airbag.

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