What is this camel saying?

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"The oasis is just over the second sand dune on your right ... you can't miss it." a smilie

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Slow down, you go to fast now, you got to make this morning last now...

I almost posted a camel toe collection, but... Well... Decided against it.


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There's a Dairy Queen just past that Oasis....enjoy.

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Either 'Allahu Akbar' or 'Ollie's rock bar' , but I really can't tell from this angle.

That Camel is saying: "Guess what day it is!"

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So I had Frank over for lunch-nice cactus burger-and oh! we had some great action behind the big dune...

Know what day it is? It's HUUUUUUMP day!

It’s yelling at the vehicle because it tossed the ship of the desert out of business.

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