"How would you describe your country in three words?"

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1) The
2) United
3) States

@Budwick 1) The 2) United 3) States

How united are you, in the sense of the terms?

I think Texas would jump the ship quite easily, as rats do.

@Budwick I'm from Ohio but I my sense is that you are wrong about Texas.

I think it's a "touch and go". It's not as something can be defined as "such it is", it's obviously also about the politics at the given time and since we don't know about the given time, it's anybody's guess, as such.

New York City

"She needs help"

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You are beautiful, therefore "good" and "bad" are the ones the apply.

Experiment in flux

@Carla Experiment in flux

I'd go for "Experiment", most of the time.

United States America biggrin smilie

"Not being Sweden".

generous, invaded, strong

Thank goodness Trump is strengthening this great country after the devastation of the last few administrations.


Beautiful ,Generous, Free
'' God Bless America''