What musician(s) do you NEVER want to hear?

Whose music do you HATE? I included a picture of Nikki Sixx cuz i can't stand motley crue (and p much all hair metal tbh). It was between him or Vince Neil, Jon Bon Jovi, and Steven Tyler (fuck aerosmith, honestly, right in the eye....) How about you???

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the Crue are very talented, just not what i enjoy hearing personally smile smilie

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it would be so dull!!! and she is really good at what she does too. (another artist i personally dont wanna hear thougheyes smilie)


Motley would be better without Vince Neil. Never liked his voice at all; too weak. Instrumentally? Not bad.


I was kinda expecting Benny Hill to come waltzing out..

There are numerous ones that I wouldn't choose to hear again, once I did. No one genre of music that I haven't heard at least an artist or song or two that weren't bad, though. Not a fan of heavy metal or rap, for sure.

The only musician that I actually "hate" is Ted Nugent. Not because of his music, so much, although I never cared for most of it. It is because of his admitted getting a hard on by killing non-human creatures of all kinds, for no other reason than his lust for it. Not even this would have made me "hate" him...
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The main problem here is obvious.

I'm a Finn. 99 percent of the songs I hate are in my own language... Why would I seek out songs, that I didn't want to listen to in the first place?

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your list is my list too. i hate all the ones you listed.


agree for the most part. nickleback has some good songs.

pop country is not country, i love country but can;t stand pop country

Simply Red.I refuse to post one of their songs.No doubt someone will....a smilie

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wow...unbelievable...one of the greatest of our time...

jk i dont wanna hear it either hehe smilie


I apologize for having shocked you! Chill with this Deep Purple as a gift: YouTube video thumbnail

@astral_queen now that is a gift. youre a good lad

My band added a keyboard a couple of months ago, rekindling my interest in DP. Keys open up a lot of stuff we couldn't do before. (Boston, Styx, Dream Theater)

justin bieber, 99.99% of pop singers,
most country played on mainstream radio, (I love country music, but what is being played is pop crap covered in 'country" coating)

Rap music, I can't stand that senseless pounding noise..

Any kind of music with fake auto-tuned singing.

That's the two things that really annoy the hell out of me..

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