Is the Miss America pageant basically just a virtue-signaling contest now?

Miss America started out as a beauty contest. Then they added some other crap. Now it's just other crap. What IS the Miss America pageant when you take "physical appearance" out of the equation? (besides unwatchable, lol) Isn't it basically just a virtue signaling contest? If not, what is it?

Miss America Axes Swimsuit Competition & Will No Longer Judge on Physical AppearanceMiss America scraps swimsuit competition and will no longer judge on physical appearance.
56% Pretty much 11% No, it's this: 33% Other
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You've put a horrible image in my mind!

Make it STOP!

Image in content

One thing left to do.

Give everyone a crown just for participating.

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Other than Lee Meriwether, all those girls have always looked the same to me. I've been with so called "perfect", cookie cutter women, and they are nothing but a pain in the ass.
I prefer real women, with all of their lovely and unique imperfections.

The whole thing is a relic from an era long forgotten.

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What the hell are you even talking about?

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So now the bathing suit category is now part of the second amendment?

You need to go sleep that one off.

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And once again what does that last part have to do with the bathing suit category?

The pageant decided to drop it. The government had nothing to do with it.

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You are not connecting any of these things very well.

The ratings for the pageant have been falling for years, and as a last ditch effort to save the shoe they got rid of the bathing suit competition.

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I think you have a problem with women.

I have nothing to say that would be of any benefit to this conversation so I opt for saying nothing.

I don't care much but I do it will be the downfall of the pagent. Too many women have said that the scholarships are very helpful.
Trish Reagan, fox business news talked about it today. She was Miss New Hampshire and opera trained. I just thought she was super brainy - who knew?
As a pagent contestant she said it was time to stop the bathing suit competition - perhaps they could go to one piece suits, it would be less embarrassing.

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