What's the worst thing your pet has done?

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She chewed up our telephone and left it outside! (We still use it, but it looks like something out of a disaster movie.) un smilie

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred Jan how in heck did she get your phone.

It's a land line phone on an end table next to the sofa ... she apparently just jumped up and reached for it. Thankfully, she hasn't tried it since then.

OMG my dog is a lovey but trouble should be her name. Just the other day I brought home a schedule of appointments . It fell on the floor and she peed on it.

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CT you are probably right dogs or whatever can only get into trouble if we leave things in their reach.

When I was a kid, I claimed it ate my homework.

Be lazy as fuck, :P but then again lazy fox, lazy cat, go figure.

Left a permanent scar on my lip.

Killed 2 ducks who are on the endangered species list..

Every day a new thing. One day she chewed up my computer glasses. I got new ones she knocked me over and when I stood up I stepped on them. She must hate when I am on computer cause she isn't allowed in this room.

Years ago.I had a beautiful Collie.I came home from work,she jumped up and greeted me and knocked the front cap out of my mouth.