The anti-bullying movement is a joke with Trump as President.

Image for post The anti-bullying movement is a joke with Trump as President.
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How can you not love a butt like that? Ha!

All 50 states have passed anti bullying laws prior to 2015. What exactly are you looking for? Imediate execution of bullys? Just wondering if you have an alternative or are just pissing against the wind.

I shouldn't have answered this. Too much "Trump this" and "Trump that."

Just because the president isn't a part of something (or is against it) doesn't mean it's a joke.

Bullying existed long before Trump and the socialist left has been using it to shut down speech and political they don't like. Back in 2008 I was bullied and called a racist because I did not support a 'black candidate' whose political ideas were opposite mine. That is being bullied! In 2016, I was accused of being a misogynist and called 'deplorable' by a candidate because I didn't agree with her socialist politics. That's being bullied! As for Trump, when he is attacked (bullied) he responds and it often appears that his stick is a lot bigger. I sure can't blame him!

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How deplorable.

How deplorable.

you realize the picture you used is that of a vile human being who defended a rapist who raped a 12 year old,told the 12 year old she wanted it, then laughed and was happy the sicko got away and got no charges. so you want to talk about bullying?

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Yes, every single day the President is being bullied. Almost every day we have fake news.
I love it when he tells them off. I would do the same if it were done to me.

Your sentiments are very "Bully" like.

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