When was the last time you played a board game?On an actual board-not a screen?it was?

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With in a month. My wife and I pull out the old scrabble set every few months.

I played Chess last weekend.

The more beer I drank, the more I got checkmated...I think it was because I was drinking cheap beer.

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Lol...I think I need to start drinking vintage fine wine instead.

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Yup. Only wine made from grapes smashed with bare feet. : )

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@ZonkeyBalls Your bishops were drunk.

It was dark at knight at the castle when I was busy shagging the Queen.

Jk...I'm just a pawn with wishful thinking.

All the time. Teaching the kids Monopoly, Chess and Life on the real boards. They love to get out the board games.

Chess, and I played with a friend at this game parlor, it was probably April.

I only play board games, that involve land mines. I find checkers very challenging, in that way.

It's been forever since I played using a board... though I can remember playing some card games that came out of cardboard boxes.

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