You and I or You and Me.

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Both are correct, dependingI on whether we are the subject or predicate of the sentence:
"You and I should have lunch soon."
"The choice is up to you and me."

I and I. Like the rasta would say, you and I are one in the same if we're friends, thick as blood. Not quite sure of the reasoning behind the Patois usage, but "you" in the sense of familiar is rare.

I was taught that whichever word (i or me) you would use in the singular is proper in the plural.

I'm not much help here, but that reminds me of a great tune.

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One of the funny things about English grammar is, that the point, when I learned it was "If I were"... instead of the naturally coming "If I was"... Took me a long time to process. It's both the language barrier and the fact, that even English, as easy as it is as a language, still has its little quirks.

You and I.Queen speak-My husband and I.

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My first choice was.. us.

Then I put...we.

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