When you get angry; What do you do?

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I am pretty mello don't get angry enough to do anything most of the time. If I am real angry I might make up stories for getting even. Never got rich enough to carry out those plans. But hey give me a billion bucks and several people will be sorry.

I exclaim "Holy Shit!" and point up at the sky. The guy looks up and catched a right cross under the chin. jk

@ZonkeyBalls That's quite violent for a devout Christian, isn't it?

The comment wasn't to be taken seriously. Imagine if everyone took the crazy things you say as reality. They'd think that you regularly have sex with rabid wolverines.

I give my ant farm a big shaking.

@Azlotto I give my ant farm a big shaking.

See below.....Angry Andy.


When I get really mad, I cry....and then I get madder, and then the war begins....and it's not pretty.

I don't recall ever being angry, at least not so enraged that I would "do something" or attack. I'll defend myself, if necessary, but that doesn't come from anger. Being angry is how you lose.
I've felt sadness, disgust, humiliation, frustration, indignation, disappointment, and resentment, but not anger....at least not as an adult.

I vote republican.

@Budwick I vote republican.

So, when you feel calm and loved and having great time altogether... You vote republican?

@Budwick Absolutely! Thanks for asking!

So, when you are comatose and have no brain activity at all, drooling on your pillow, you vote republican?

The last time I got really angry, I walked away, headed towards the nearby lake and took off my shoes, hoping the lake would soon deepen enough for me to exit this miserable existence. I can't swim, after all. About 50 yards (0.91 cm) - it's an estimate - or 50 metres from the shore, I noticed the water level was up to half of my shins, so I got frustrated and headed back. Then I got the same treatment again and redid the stunt, only to find that doubling the distance from the shore, had got the water level up to my knees. Somehow, at that very moment, I realized, that no matter how many lakes we have in Finland, most of them have very shallow angles and the average depth is completely ridiculous. Well, at least I tried to kill myself. Didn't have the patience to keep trying, since it was more frustrating than most of the stuff I do to stay alive.

Keep silent, bite my bottom lip, walk away from the point of anger. Make a choice to keep or discard said anger, and revisit the initial point of anger.

Well, besides the noticeable hair-colour change and eyes changing colours, and I'm noticeably glowing more than usual... :p

I usually relax somewhere and listen to music, or vent through gaming. The tough part is getting rid of the rumination, because I have a problem wIth anxiety and susceptibility to stress-related problems.

I learned to channel my emotions and also use them when necessary or useful because those emotions produce certain hormones that are useful for something else. Like putting oneself into fight-or-flight mode, because it produces adrenaline, but you're actually relaxed or ready.

It's flicking on a switch and then turning it off. Don't waste energy, conserve it. Don't waste (as in killing) emotions, but use them. Do feel angry, but channel it out when done. THere's nothing wrong with feeling them, or admitting to them. Whether it's towards someone else or yourself, admit it to the person or yourself. Don't lie about emotions, lie with them.

Walk away I calm down.

Make some hot chocolate and put this song on....

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@DandyDon Make some hot chocolate and put this song on....

Unless there is bacon, I'm not watching that xp smilie...
I might not even watch with bacon xp smilie

@Zolfie Unless there is bacon, I'm not watching that ... I might not even watch with bacon

I think with Barney, my kid self was on some bad hashish or something lol. Sesame Street too lol. Reading Rainbow especially...

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