How long have you known? And why haven't you told me yet?

I thought we were communicating! But you say more to your bartender than you do with your tree stump! Also you have to move your car, the HoA called again. The garage is too close to the house.

13% I was going to tell you later! 0% I was lost on the path of life! 27% I had no intention of telling you! 7% I didn't know, I swear! 7% You didn't give me a chance! 13% I don't need this, I'm going out! 7% Have I told you how awesome you look? 7% What are you talking about? I told you yesterday! 20% Other
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but my cat ate a donut and pooped a grenade

TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet I was going to tell you later! +2Reply

Man, I didn't know either...

I guess I can't handle it.

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That's what the House Judiciary Committee would like to know. biggrin smilie
Rosenstein's answer, of course was, "I had no intention of telling you!"
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