What healthy items, do you eat?

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I do eat lots of fresh veggies, but I never eat anything that doesn't taste good in my effort to be healthy. chew smilie

It's probably more what i avoid.. so too much fat, salt, sugar and processed carbohydrates.. everything else is on the menu biggrin smilie

Raw Veggies.

Ever since I found out Skittles contains the daily requirement of Vit C...I make sure to have them for breakfast every morning.

salad and grapes and well actually a lot more than i thought i did

Salad. I was in trouble when the romaine lettuce was being recalled. Someone wanted to go to Mickey D's and I said ok because I could always get a salad. No such luck during the recall and I didn't have a plan B for that one.

@Zolfie Chicken Sandwich? (Though I'd say Wendy's is better for them)...

When I was so blindsided, someone ordered me a grilled chicken sandwich. I was starving and so happy when I opened it and it had a huge slice of tomato and an even bigger leaf or romaine lettuce. Go figure!

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