When you are over 50, quips and jokes about being forgetful are less and less funny each passing day. Amirite?

What was the topic??

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Forget what?

Carlas avatar Carla Yeah You Are +7Reply
@Carla Forget what?

That thing we were just talking about, which waaas.... I'm trying to remember xp smilie

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VooDooYoos avatar VooDooYoo Yeah You Are +5Reply

But on the plus side, summer reruns are all new again!

Naw! I'm 70 but still laughing at the jokes. No sense in losing my sense of humor AND my memory! hehe smilie

That can happen at any age.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow Yeah You Are +3Reply

Forgetfulness can start at any age....not just for the elderly.

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Unless you forget the punch lines, then it's a new joke. =P

or when you're a stoner

TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yes, but there is an upside to that too!

For example, the other day, ... wait, no two or three weeks ago, maybe last summer, oh man it was hot!


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