I hate fanaticism.

I'm not speaking of being a fan (enthusiastic) of some movie, or singer, or book or whatever. I'm speaking of fanaticism taken to the extreme, that is used to hurt others. Especially on politics and religion, if I could press a button and made all of that sick mentality disappear, I would.... sadly, humans can't appear to live nowadays without some sort of fight, or without being in a place where they feel morally superior to someone else. And something that also bothers me, is how some "average" people don't condemn the fanaticism if it's targeted at someone not from their group (with a different label than them). How much lack of empathy does someone has to have to be okay and sometimes even show support for such trash? Yeah, I'm being harsh, I know, but as I said, I hate it. It's just poisonous to any society. / Have you ever met a fanatic in real life?