Contentious Opinion Alert: It would serve the LGBT community well to call out members for stunts like this... These are the sort of antics that invite perfectly reasonable criticism.

So it went like this:
Middle school English teacher uses her power to conduct and experiment on her students by injecting politics into an assignment. When she dislikes the results she accuses them of hates-speech for voicing honest opinions which she solicited. That goes... Exactly as you would expect it to go when dealing with children and of course she then cries foul over completely predictable behavioral outcome. She's an adult and as such, should have known better than to stir the sh!t pot expecting it wouldn't spill over.

Gay teacher asks students to describe ideal society. Student says "no gay marriage" | wkyc.com"As far as we're concerned, we back the school district 100 percent," Lane Patton, whose step-daughter Averee was one Amy Estes' students. "She shouldn't have her sexual preferences pushed on you and our religious views shouldn't be pushed on anybody else."https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/roseville/gay-teacher-asks-students-to-describe-ideal-society-student-says-no-gay-marriage/103-563945596Image for post Contentious Opinion Alert: It would serve the LGBT community well to call out members for stunts like this... These are the sort of antics that invite perfectly reasonable criticism.
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The student that she accused of hate speech was not bullying and she didn't provide any evidence, from what I've seen of this story, of the alleged bullying. But her claim is provided at the link.

Also, at what point does the safety of the students come into consideration? It seems obvious to me that kids required to voice potentially controversial opinions, then attacked for them, may no longer feel safe under the thumb of the teacher who instigated the whole thing.

They are kids after all.

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From the article:
"Last week, Estes, a middle school teacher at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin, said she had to go on mental health leave after her students cyber-bullied her when they learned she was gay -- something she had never addressed in class. Estes said she did not feel safe and supported by her school administration, which she had hoped would address her concerns and organize a school-wide lesson on tolerance."

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Sorry, I didn't realize you were referring to the hate-speech accusation, I thought you were referring to her claim that she was bullied.

The hate-speech comments were covered briefly in the video. Only the girl's response was in the text, I think.

From my understanding of this, the claims about bullying didn't come until after the assignment and didn't involve the girl at all. I haven't read the entire story at the link you provided, but I will.

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See, that just blows my mind, I can't imagine how anyone could possibly think that situation would be made better with the assignment she handed out.

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Oh no doubt, seems there was definitely a method to this.

It's noteworthy that she's an English teacher, not a civics teacher or social studies teacher, not even a history teacher. She really had no business manipulating these kids into such a provocative assignment to begin with.

But that wildly irresponsible decision was only surpassed by her accusing a student of hate-speech for an opinion she solicited. These are kids for Pete's sake. If you didn't expect them to behave immaturely when attacked, you probably shouldn't be goading them into such silliness in the first place.

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They are, as kids, by definition immature. I didn't realize that was in dispute.

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I'm actually granting the teachers claim, which I likely shouldn't because I've seen no evidence of it, that the children "bullied" her online; this would be immature behavior, but predictably immature given they're kids.


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To be fair, the girl she accused of espousing hate-speech claims she wasn't involved in any of the alleged cyber-bullying.

"Don't be stupid, be a smarty. You can join the Nazi Party. Now accepting dykes."

Not only am I disappointed that a mel brooks fan would take up such bs views, but this comentor clearly doesn't understand that gays were targeted by the nazis just as they are doing, and they would sooner add them to their ranks than "dykes"

Are we still doing this crap in 2018 just move along people. Notice how little kids are homophobic because it is such a childish thing to be. Something from people who know little about the world and nothing about empathy. People who put climbing a social ladder above the well being of others. That's what teachers are here for. To expand minds so that children can get out of this primeval slump of "fear and mock the detractors" and into a state of mind that is productive for a world moving forward for the betterment of mankind. We can't move forward if we keep smacking each other around like the rebel groups in Life of Brian. Adapt to gay people existing, or be left behind and become the dust behind the wheels of progress.

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