If you see a coworker slacking off, you merely need to continue your own efforts at your best efforts, not allow your work ethic to steep down to anything less just because someone else's has.

I've witnessed others getting upset and saying things to the effect of: "Well, if they're not going to work hard, then I'm not gonna continue to bust my ass." I answered, "I'm not letting the fact that they're not doing their job affect how hard I work. I just focus on what I can do, not what they aren't."

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lol. We have one who likes to take selfies with her phone, text on her phone, constantly mess with her shoes{I have NO idea why}, and then doesn't say a word when she walks away from the conveyor belt to either get a drink of water or to go to the restroom. I have affectionately given her the name "Houdini", since she likes to play disappearing acts. We've got someone who only has one hand and she does more than Houdini.

If management is aware of that person's "work ethic" and rewards the behavior ... I'm not going to keep busting my arse. Especially if I'm having to cover their shortcomings.

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