Each day should be lived to the fullest in ways that you stay true to yourself, and be happy. Waiting for tomorrow to live is silly when we don't have any sort of guarantee that we will even awaken each day.

I have seen people who appeared otherwise healthy, die of heart, brain, or other issues, in their sleep with no warning. It's devastating, and even worse, I've known people who were murdered before getting a full fill of what their lives had to offer. Don't be afraid to be yourself and do what makes you happy. Whether we live just once or many times, we need to make the most of each day-life is more than just work and play. Spend money for necessities and experiences and you will enjoy life the most.

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I apologize in advance, but I disagree.

The contrast is the key word here. Without suffering and pain, where would
we be painting that subjected contrast against? A white canvast. Well, painting something completely black wouldn't help that much. But, there are many other things that could help to roll about. Just thinkin'

@ZonkeyBalls I apologize in advance, but I disagree. The contrast is the key word here. Without suffering and pain, where would...

I said nothing of not having to suffer or endure pains within our lives. I actually do not believe we could have a full capacity understand pleasure without pain, or pain without pleasure. I am all about balance. =) My point was that I see a lot of people putting off plans to do something or live the life they want to live; a good friend recently was told by his doctor he only had 2 weeks to live. He is currently [finally] living his life to do things he wants to do each day, spending time with friends and family, and fishing on the lake, not obsessing and worrying about the future.

Live for today, but plan and prepare for the future.

The thing is We shouldn't worry about death because It's probably in all likelyhood unless you are in an unfortunate place....a long way off... and we should just be like ahh take it easy lets have fun now and make more memories

I have a guarantee ... it was part of the warranty my parents bought when I was born.

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