You Enjoy Dancing, rite?

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too bad, I'm sure you'd probably see some things you like xp smilie


You will be, after I show your wife some moves, Mark.

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Fair enough.

Can I see her in a fridge filled with potato sacks or is it kiss'n'no-tell?

I love watching people dance, especially if they're good, but me doing it... nooope.

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Who ever created that, did a very good job biggrin smilie

"Enjoy" as in "enjoy watching"? Well, yes, it can be nice to watch.

"Enjoy" as in "enjoy doing"? Well, I've never even tried to, and it's probably best for myself and everyone else if it continues that way.

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Yes, I've always loved to dance! These days, it's mostly with my daughter .... but still fun. a smilie
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@DandyDon Wrong..

You're a heathen and not even Welsh like B. Horrible...

@DandyDon Who is this Welsh B. Horrible ?

He will the husband of Scots. E. Horrible. Haven't you read your future history books yet?!!

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