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I bet she was exhausted maniac smilie

OzSurfers avatar OzSurfer Alcohol Happens! +6Reply

Cave exploring gone wrong.

Azlottos avatar Azlotto Glad she's safe +5Reply

OK I looked it up a-women-got-her-head-stuck-in-an-tailpipe looked more like she got stuck near the tailpipe or it is just something I have nhttps://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6525345/woman-head-stuck-exhaust-pipe-minnesota-music-festival/ever seen before. stupid woman regardless.

Just rev it up a bit, blow that sucker right out of there. hehe smilie

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Most people that can put their head up it, will also take it out.

There once was an unthinking lass,
Who thought it would be quite a gas
To stick her wee head
Up a tailpipe, which led
To an exhausting impasse, alas.

@Will_Janitor There once was a dumb ass. The End!

I thought of including that particular rhyme, but resisted the temptation.

Until now, that is. hehe smilie

Too bad that that lass was an a*s.

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