Proposal to Split California into 3 States?

Some in California have gotten a proposal to split the state into 3. This split has come up before and failed but sounds like some thing it's changing traction. Even if the people want this to happen, their is still a lot of red tape they would have to get through to make it happen and probably wouldn't happen for years if not decades (or at least that's my guess). Of course there have been decade long talks of other splits too, but they don't currently have a proposal in place (to my knowledge).

Questions answered on dividing California into three states | The Sacramento BeeA ballot proposal to divide California into three states, pushed by billionaire investor Tim Draper, earned enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Read this Q&A to understand more about how the ballot measure would work. for post Proposal to Split California into 3 States?
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Never going to happen, California is the 5th largest economy in the world, they aren't going to split it up and lose that economic power.

California and Texas are big enough and very diverse.

California is already split by people that live there, between NoCal and SoCal most famously, (Then Bay Area and Los Angeles as two mini-states within a state, like Philadelphia is a mini-state.) due to the fact northern Cali is very different from the southern. Just as western Texas and eastern Texas are also split, but it actually gets split even more between Panhandlers and Gulfers, as well as the cities. Texas could be split six-ways.

For Alaska, wonder how you could split her up if you wanted to. Between the 19 counties that make it up, and that it's more of a Canadian province or Siberian oblast, due to the sheer sizes of either's regions.

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@Tanor_Faux California and Texas are big enough and very diverse. California is already split by people that live there...

You forgot NY.... Upstate hates the city and the city hates Upstate (or so I'm told)... but they could split as well and things would get very different.

But right now Cali is the only one I know about actively attempting it.

That's been going on for years that I can remember. It'll never happen.

Who knows what those crazy Californians will do? Ha!

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Maybe smile smilie ... I suggest naming them all after animals, and the one with the most wolves (which I think is North Cali) should be named Wolfon biggrin smilie

What will be the states?The slums,the drug addicts and the homeless.

I can see support for this on the left. It would give democrats 4 more senators and a number of new democrat Representatives.

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