I've been looking at how much aid the US gives other countries annually. It shocked me as to how much, what the reasons were and who it went to.

The average annual budget for foreign aid in the 80's and 90's was about 25 billion a year. Since 2001, it averages out to about 45 billion, most of which goes to African and Middle Eastern countries. During the 8 years Obama was in office, foreign aid averaged 50.25 billion a year. During Trumps first year in office, that was cut to 23 billion.
If you want to look at a breakdown, by year and country of who we sent money to, this is the government link. https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/AFG
These are government numbers, not FOX News or CNN.
When you see how much goes to administrative costs, you should be very angry.

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It's time America stops being the ATM for the rest of the world. They hates us but love our money. This has to stop.

I can see giving money to help other countries with needs, but the kind of responses from them are important to consider in that decision. It's not much different in our lives. You help out a friend in need, but if he turns around and bad mouths you to the rest of the town, the next time he can kiss my ass. JMHO.

It gets to a point where you just gotta cut off financial leeches if they're unwilling to help themselves no matter how many opportunities they're given.

Imagine how much more we could achieve, and how much higher the quality of life would be for everyone, if western nations would just stop being the world's welfare office.

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Israel should not be getting one cent from us. They use OUR MONEY to fund healthcare and free college and a genocide of Palestinians. We supposedly can't afford ot help our own people, yet they use our money to make their people's lives far better than ours.

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Since we are the wealthiest nation on the planet and good Christians we can easily give more.

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Anyone here who hasn't read the children's book, "Give a Mouse a Cookie.."

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