How psychic are you?

Well, I took some test and it said I had the emotional intelligence of a limp noodle and that I wouldn't know psychic if it was tattooed on both my forehead and foreskin. Be that as it may, I am sure most people fall into one of the option choices.

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23% I knew you were going to ask that. 23% There is no such thing as being psychic. 18% Zonkeys' option. 36% Other
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And I knew I was going to answer this...

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About tenth of the people, I try to connect with, react. Then again, that's not my fault.

I think it's more a combination of intuition and perception, rather than esp. And I enjoy it when it happens, which isn't that often for me.

I've been told I'm semi-psychic many different times, as I've said something and it's come true... though I think it's just I notice different tells than most people... and I'm blind to some of the tells that everyone else can see.

I've never considered this seriously. So, I found a quiz on the Internet - so it has to be true and accurate!

And here's my results -
"Your Psychic Gift is Clairsentience​!

Also known as the Empath, your 'clear feeling' gives you the gift of physically feeling information. You tend to listen to your 'Gut' which rarely fails you. You are extremely tuned-in to the emotional and physical feelings of another person's past, present, and future. You may have a distinct sensitivity to touch and smell. Many Clairsentients work as Massage Therapists, Reki Masters, or with Animal Specialists.

You can further develop your inate 'feeling' abilities of clairsentience by sitting in a busy place, like a coffee shop and select an employee to focus on. Deeply imagine what they are feeling, imagining all the details of their day and life. Are they happy? Why? Practice this exercise regularly."

Oddly, despite my skepticism, this makes sense to me, but I didn't see that coming.

Found the quiz at -

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@Budwick I've never considered this seriously. So, I found a quiz on the Internet - so it has to be true and accurate! And...

OK Bud thank you for the link - tis hard for me to pick one over another answer as my moods and thoughts change a lot - I tried to answer best and it says Your Psychic Gift is Claircognizance!

I didn't take the test - these things never open for me. I have taken classes to do psychic readings. I can fake as well as anyone. Some have it some don't then you need to want that type of ability or it goes away.

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