I'm anonymous, couldn't be prouder. If you don't believe it, I yell a little LOUDER! I know. Sucks u cant block me or gossip about me.

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Kind of an odd thing to be so proud of, considering how very easy it is to do. Clicking on one of two little boxes...woohoo! But hey....whatever floats your boat. dhat smilie

ok, no problem, but what is your question?

This user has deactivated their account.

well I respect your comment and opinion but no mala fide intentions towards anonymous questioner

If you are expecting milk, cookies, and a gold star for this...sorry to burst your bubble but they stop serving those here at 10:30 wary smilie


I could block you but I rather enjoy you when you're here in person.

Now I'm off to talk behind your back.

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God, how petty and insecure yet hungry for attention one person could be?
Please make a mistake so people can find out who you are and laugh at you.

Oh btw the cons of being anon is that people can rip on you as much as they want and you cant do anything about it unless you want to defeat the purpose.

Do you actually believe I give a shit?

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