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Pretty stupid.

"If you were asked to have a one-time sexual encounter with a person, in order to get over trauma of a previous relation, so that he or she could reignite another relationship"

Some person A wants to get over a bad relationship by having sex with you in order to fire a yet a third relationship?

Dude, that is phucked up beyond recognition!
Run away!
Run away fast, do not look back.

lol. I'm sorry if this is a serious question for laughing. How is that supposed to help you get over any sort of trauma or abuse? If you are still wanting to be with this other person, just let them heal your wounds from such. I agree with Howler, this sounds like some Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos or Maury scenario. My step-dad watches them a lot, for the laughs he says. When you say sexual encounter, is this sex or something less? I would most likely say maybe if ya bought me dinner and a movie first. Otherwise, I'd probably feel used, then you're becoming the cause of the very trauma you are trying to get over. It feels selfish to me... Buuuut That's just my opinion.

As a person who has experienced a tremendous amount of my own sexual abuse and trauma, I have flashbacks and nightmares. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, BPD, attachment issues, and went through a phase of battling various forms of addiction. It's a hard thing to go through, so I really do wish you as well as anyone else that may have gone through those terrible things get help through counseling [as I am finally doing now after 27 years of not.] or finding other healthier coping mechanisms. I don't even know how you would go about doing that. Wouldn't that be terribly awkward? If it was a stranger, then you gotta worry about contracting an STD. That wouldn't be fair to the person you say you're trying to "reignite" a relationship with, cause then they could/would get it, too. If you need to talk, I can provide an ear and my own insight into how I've managed to keep my sanity as much as I have thus far. Reading and writing can help with a lot of anger that you may feel. Just know that any abuse you have experienced is not your fault. I feel kind of bad for laughing at this, but I don't feel like deleting it. Good luck. Bonne chance. Buenos sortis.

If said person is a close friend, I might? I'm not averse to FWB. At least then, it's not as hollow as a one-night stand.

Not into one night stands for any reason!