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Watching soap opera news channels just adds to your confusion..

Yea I know, CNN, MSNBC etc. don't do that...just Fox.

What we REALLY need is a news source that is completely unbiased, or as close to neutral as you can possibly get. They can report just the facts, without spinning certain stories to fit a narrative, omitting key evidence, hiding certain stories, etc....

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I believe you mistaken about that being considered a grammatical error. I didn't really need to * to know that, but I've provided a link just in case you're interested.

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Okey dokes. Even several dictionary sources state that in many cases, it's perfectly acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition.

4 days WHAT? You referred me to this post and shared the link at 1:00 PM today. Yeah....those 8 hours I was away from the computer, were spent thinking about and "researching" this comment of yours I just saw a little while ago.

Wow....wt smiliewary smilieeyes smilie

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Oh of course, has be those "asshole" liberal dictionary sources.

You're talking about a SLOGAN here, anyway. Slogans are not exactly known for being complete sentences, or formal language.


Who trusts them?

That's embarrassing...

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And, true to form, the misspelling is only amplified by the 10 or so elephants floating behind it.

This has to be a troll, there is no one this skilled at Faux News.


you mean spelled by people who refuse to learn english bye smilie

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Oh, they'll find a way to make it their fault.

I couldn't tell what was wrong until I really looked at it. Probably the person who made that banner wasn't too bright and everyone is going to know what was intended.

@VicZinc Yes. What was intended was to further dehumanize 'foreigners'.

Dehumanize - let's take a look at that.

Who sponsored these folks to come en masse? Pueblo Sin Fronteras (people without borders). Funded by the progressive left, encouraging people to overwhelm the US border. The people in their caravans don't know anything. They though for the most part that they would simply cross the border!

So, it's the left pushing this whole mess, setting up all those families to be pawns in their effort to soothe the wounds left when Hillary lost.

What a bunch of feckless suits of skin.

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Aided and abetted by lefties who see the illegals and "refugees" as future votes.  Transparent Fabianism.

biggrin smiliebiggrin smilie Typical Fox Noise. lol They never get anything right.