how do you see being 40? how do you define being 40 years old?

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middle age, no sweat, you are entering your power years, enjoy it.

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here is a same story.. difference is mere I am a man.

I hope to be well rooted in my career as a dentist and to have a family and children by then. Simple ambitions, nothing big.

@Sunny_the_skeptic I hope to be well rooted in my career as a dentist and to have a family and children by then. Simple ambitions...

Honorable, professional work and a family are huge!
They are wonderful things to aspire to.
\Sunny, you're a great guy. You'll be Dr. Sunny very soon - putting all that knowledge and skill to use giving relief and dental hygiene to your patients. It IS a big deal.

And, being a Dad?! OMG, the responsibilities are enormous!

I'm not suggesting that you order a Sunny IS Fantastic T-Shirt - but to know in your heart that Sunny IS Fantastic - that's cool.

As being 20 years ago

40 years old, i define it when the inside starts to rot and you start getting that "dad breath".

Me at 40? I see grey hair, white-knuckles, heart medication and being chauffeured around by my 16 year old with his license...

It's just an age.

Turning 40 just lets you know that all those chickens of years of abuse you put your body through are coming home to roost.

Welcome to the age of opiods.

actually I am confused about my age 40 I am wondering where I am standing in the life span! what I am as a 40 year old. if you have passed the age of 40 in your life please tell me how you undergone during that? please share your experience.

Sounds like a mid life crisis situation.

Some guys panic at 40, wondering if they should be further ahead of the game by now. Their insecurities get the best of them and they turn to totally unrelated things they think will give them affirmation. Fast cars, fast women, boats, any number of things.

Of course the answers they seek can't be found in any of those things. So in this stage of the crisis he either comes to his senses or completely falls apart.

If you are taking stock of yourself Wonderman - that is a good thing. We all should do so every now and then. Take a look at goals set and how we're doing - Oops, no goals? Well, then you have a starting point!

Every person and situation is different. You don't want to measure your success by comparing yourself to other people. Compare your personal results to your personal goals.

I WILL go out on a limb here though and suggest that by age 40 a man should not still be living with mom and dad. (It's a joke)

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