Responsible parents teach their kids never to point a gun at something you don't intend to fire at or kill because that's its function, to kill. Responsible citizens should never point the "law" at someone or an act that isn't worth taking a life because ultimately, people with guns must enforce that law and it could result in the taking of a life. Responsible citizens must ask: "Is it worth this?"

I think that's the true definition of self-ownership & good citizenship:
Not simply to take responsibility for yourself, your choices and the consequences, but also for the role you play in "solving" your community's or country's problems and their consequences.
We should seek real mutual solutions to problems and not outsource every grievance or dispute to people with guns just because we can.
If when crafting the law we "aimed" it with the same respect and caution as a loaded weapon, fewer innocent people would be harmed by it.