Impulsivity makes you...

More because instincts, plus you’re not holding back. Then again, people lie on impulse too...

Image for post Impulsivity makes you...
23% More honest 15% Less honest 62% Other
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I'd say less informed. I think people usually buy things they don't need, or do things they wish they hadn't, or say things that get them in trouble when they act impulsively. JMHO

Impulses, they're just that. Most of the time we do things without reason or a motive. An impulse to buy something, or an impulse to do something risky. Sometimes the mind just wants something and it happens. Everyone acts on impulses, but it's the ability to claim to reason and motivation that keeps them controlled. Impulse decisions are okay, but got to know when to not listen to them.

I don't think they correlate, as it's just about what comes first/naturally... and that all depends on the person, while the person could be extremely honest, or extremely dishonest... but stil be very impulsive with it.

Impulsivity makes me buy that tin of mints that ive had a year.
I try to ignore impulsive decisions, they can cause trouble.


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chose other means I don't know

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Masha Alla XD

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I buy on impulse and end up taking things back. lol

I try not to do that, it gets me into trouble! Lol!

I usually flip a coin..

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