work place: how to cope with a coworker at your work place who deliberately throw some comments on you which leave you disturbed and ruin your peace? how to deal with such worker when you are very poor at argument, unable to give befitting answer. they have special powers because they are close to boss. you feel very helpless. neither you can't leave your job nor can stop that happening! they intentionally do that to troll you to ridicule you among others. they are powerful because other workers tend to him knowing the fact that it is best in their interest to follow that guy who is close to boss. how to get away with this situation without surrendering your self to that pimp?

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Hard to answer without seeing the dynamic in effect.

My best guess is every time this person makes a comment like that, look surprised and respond "why on Earth would you say that!" loud enough for others to hear.

Then, no matter what their response in, you say "that's in interesting perspective, have you considered others?"

Then just walk away.

I hate long-winded questions. Although, I ask them on the site occasionally myself, but that's my default fault.

Call the nearest post office and have the buggers shot. There's always someone to go postal. DMV workers are easier, though.

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