what are some positive about Kim Jong-un?

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I find it hard to find anything positive about a killer, kills his own people and starves them. Sorry, but he's a mean and evil person.

He's not near me? xp smilie

He's got great hair, even better hair than my president!

I quite like his taste, when it comes to fast cars.

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It's easy to train North Korean barbers hehe smilie

again can't answer with the options you gave. So let me see he is small but too fat. He seems to smile a lot.

Apparently he learned to drive at the age of 4, or was that his father.

I think the jury is still out on this topic.

But, what appears to be interest in serious discussion about denuking North Korea would a positive.

nothing really

I love his hair cut and his slight limp. Plus his weight is just right for his height.

wary smilie he got some chunky cheeks to pinch

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