What's your favorite songs from the '90s?

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Juno Reactor is my favourite band since '99! A lot of my favourite songs are on the later albums like Shango, Labyrinth, and Bible of Dreams, but Beyond the Infinite and earlier was at the heart of 90s Goa-Psy Trance.

YouTube video thumbnail - Mars!
YouTube video thumbnail - Samurai!
YouTube video thumbnail - High Energy Protons (orion mix) from the 1994 single. It was on Bible of Dreams as well!
YouTube video thumbnail - Komit

Many favourite songs in the 90s. Especially Eurodance/Europop/Italo-dance stuff. Including Video Game Music! Murf.

YouTube video thumbnail - Living in the City - TJ Davis as vocals, Richard Jacques as composer. One of the top VGM composers ever in the 90s.

Quite possibly one of my favourite Japanese singers, Izumi Sakai (1967-2007). this song below is her 4th best selling song,
YouTube video thumbnail - Zard: Unmei no roulette mawashite

New Order - True Faith:
YouTube video thumbnail

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