There should be something in place to prevent America from electing to become a facist state.

we need a failsafe. That was supposed to be our checks and balances and our electoral college, but when both of those fail what do we have left? Perhaps we need a constitutional amendment that prevents people from popularly deciding to end democracy. I'm not saying it's happening just yet, but the very possibility that i COULD happen is pretty frightening. I'd rather try all I can to prevent it from happening then turn out i wasn't going to happen in the first place than to do nothing and have it actually happen. I mean what's the worst thing? I could be wrong and Trump and his ilk could really be harmless in the end. Then good. I have nothing to fear. But what if I'm not wrong?

We need to ensure that democracy is PRESERVED for the future. In a fury of desperation and fear I see that people are so quick to abandon their principles to gain emergency help from their situation. We see that with religious leaders poo pooing the Don's immoral family values (at least immoral to the bible). It's the REAL slippery slope in this country.