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LSD should be made compulsory in public schools everywhere. A lot happier kids and more openly gay teachers.

The choices since some of ends are covered.

1) All Marijuana should be legal
2) Small Personal Amounts should be legal
3) Medical Marijuana should be legal
4) No, Marijuana should NOT be legal
5)♪I was gonna vote, but then i got high♪
6) Other

5's reference

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Yes, it isn't the government's right to tell adults what they can and can't do in that regard.


Azlottos avatar Azlotto All Marijuana should be legal +4Reply

It should not be criminalized under s certain amount. People who use it should have higher insurance premiums like the tobacco crowd because they are finding out that is is not all that benign after all.

@JerryHendrickson No way Ozzdog, I only need one hit and I'm good and that's like once every 2 weeks.

You are the one who shouldn't be criminalized. I'm agreeing with you but I do think a bit of increase in premiums dependent on use would be in order.

It's already been legal here for years.

vividlyprosaics avatar vividlyprosaic All Marijuana should be legal +1Reply

They make a big push for people to stop smoking. A lot of people did stop.

Now they are pushing Marijuana for people to smoke. A lot of stupid people who never had it before.
will get hooked on it and all the trouble will start over again. Grow up !

hootowls avatar hootowl No, Marijuana should NOT be legal 0Reply

It is legal in Canada, now.

EternalSailorSols avatar EternalSailorSol All Marijuana should be legal 0Reply

I don't care one way or the other, as far as for a recreational drug.
I don't use it or any other tobacco products.

It's a personal health choice for each individual to make...legal or not.

If you like trading your health for sucking smoke into your lungs, that's your personal choice.

The consequences will follow later in life.
Don't try to blame something..or someone else for them...just remember the fun times you had.

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