Your desperation to hang onto this ill gotten victory is papalable. When will those of conscience among you realize that the unprincipled and unethical behavior demonstrated daily by the current administration is seriously damaging to the fabric upon which this country was founded.

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....and I thought Melania might just be sincere....guess I was wrong. She's thumbing her nose at the media, and those poor kids that she want to see, but of course that was a photo op to make herself look good. Trump is teaching her well!

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You can't stop illegal immigration with a wall or by draconian zero tolerance policy locking people up and separating families.

You do it by raising the standard of living in the country of origin.
It would probably be cheaper.

Do you think these people actually want to leave everything behind and risk their own and their children's death?

They will never admit that the president isn't doing anything good for our country. He's made us the laughing stock of the world. In arguments with our closest allies, sucking up to Putin and the Koreans....and now this fiasco with all these little kids. Trump is disgusting. Some will wake up to the facts, just hope it's not too late.

Do I REALLY need to list the entire encyclopedia full of Hillary's unprincipled and unethical behavior? She was the Choice on your side. You should be thankful.

Also, there is no desperation with conservatives. You Socialists are all completely losing it.

Nailed it.

When the president you didn't vote for....Wins.

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