Size does Matter, rite?

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two to the body one to the head? xp smilie

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With most things, it matters quite a bit.

Yes, especially when shopping for clothing or shoes.

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For those that see it as rude, my apologies, I meant it as a funny question... especially since I thought most would talk about different things.

And different people have talked about
~ giant ego size
~ clothing size
~ shoes size
~ bullets size (and the picture is of bullet sizes)

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Well I didn't catch on quick enough xp smiliebiggrin smilie

Glad to know it was a joke smile smilie
Though there are some that have trouble getting cloths on for what they got (but that's usually a disease that's unpleasant)

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Well, you can't aim that well with a .50 cal - too much recoil, unless you have enough mass, which is why I'm a big mofo with a small dick to compensate.

Oh yeah it does. The 9mm might not even put a hole in you with a vest while that .50 BMG will make a big hole in a concrete wall.

Well ... it depends.
Even bullets ... placement matters more than size.
A .22 to the head or heart is more lethal than a .50 that misses. LOL

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