When was the last time you received a gift? What was the occasion? Care to share?

I received a dozen red roses this afternoon....special occasion.

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My sister got me a new frying pan for my birthday, three weeks ago.

I was sent a virtual gift two days ago on Similar Worlds!A lovely virtual ice cream...

Last week I received a lovely jar of pickled peppers. They were delicious in my tuna salad. I have half a jar left.

A couple of days after my birthday; the occasion was my birthday xp smilie

Don't you love your multiple day present biggrin smilie (at least some of them)

@StarzAbove When was your birthday?

Less than two months ago xp smilie

Of course I set my profile birthday at a different date, and I didn't think anyone notice, I guess one did and someone made me a B-Day post biggrin smilie ... so I just said it was one of Zolfie's 7 birthday per human year biggrin smilie (wolves don't live as long as humans, so their calendar year is MUCH shorter xp smilie

A few weeks ago, one of the professors I worked with and his wife took me out to lunch and gave me a collection of folk music cd's and a Bose cd player. It was a belated retirement gift.

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Special occasion?

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A gift is appreciated anytime, doesn't have to be for any reason.

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Wow, those are great gifts. Lucky you!

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You never found out who sent it? Maybe it was your "secret" admirer. lol

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hahaha You're the second guy that told me that today. lol Glad you like it.

Best friend bought me shoes because I needed them and wasn't going to get any

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