How would a Jewish person react if he or she meets an Indian with the name 'Aryan' or someone with a Hindu swastika?

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A Jewish person would probably already know that Hindu swastikas and the Indian name "Aryan" have no connection to nazis.

An upper middle class Feminist Studies major though.... they would have a complete breakdown, it would be hilarious.

i think they'd know, like many people, about the lack of relation between the name, the swastika used as a religious icon, and nazism. people without an understanding or knowledge of cultural differences and uses of the swastika throughout history probably would be upset until they were informed.

Well, Osama is quite a common name in the Arab Emirates and I don't think there are too many Americans going crazy about the fact. Adolf was quite common back in the days, although I have searched the local name database and I think Tarzan is more common in Finland these days.

Always good to be informed! I first learnt about Aryan peoples and languages whilst studying India as a high-school freshman.

Russia has appx 89 varieties of swastika. Again, anyone informed on the subject matter can distinguish a primitive symbol from a harmful ideology.

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