When I was a child I loved to__?

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That kind of a special ability comes handy in combat situations. I think, on the other hand, I was even a bit too visible. At least I was so fat, that I generated my own gravity field.

I liked to ride my bike, climb trees, and play in the dirt. I loved ladybugs, pill bugs, potato bugs, grass hoppers, lizards, toads, and frogs. I also played indoors with my dolls and toy appliances.

Disappear on my horse.

@Carla Disappear on my horse.

Better "on" than "in", unless you lived in Troy.

@Carla Disappear on my horse.

Save a horse, ride a .... errr never mind xp smiliehehe smilie

when I was a kid I used to pick up odd stones lying on the road, I felt that they are urging me to take them with me. I felt that they would cry and very sad. so I took them and put into my pocket. I felt very satisfied doing so I told them please don't cry I will take you. every day my mom scolded me of my habit collecting stones/rocks in my pent's pocket. my mom had to stitch down my torn pocket very often. I also liked to draw. I love to push tire trolling on the road with friends and bla bla bla

play computer games. Hold on.... I still do that

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Water balloon fights always sounded like the greatest biggrin smilie

Though it seemed like they never worked properly, as for us, they'd hit the person and bounce off and then pop once it hit a second time (normally the ground).

I loved to throw rocks.

Probably explains a lot, why I ended up being a sniper.

We used to play hide and seek. I finally figured out nobody looked for me. Everything we did when I was a kid, was done outside.

Go to the beach and be outside. I still love those things and appreciate it even more now.

Ignore my problems and play games

Take shiny things...

oh man.... i loved riding my bike and taking it off ramps. same with rollerblading. and donkey kong on n64! i had ribbon dancers too and barbies. i loved barbies. i also used to "luge" down the street in front of my house by going down it on my ass on a skateboard. all my shoes' heels were angled from the braking at the end of the hill lmao! i also really loved to read and color pictures.

Choke my chicken.

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