If someone is doing black magic to me, how do I find out?

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In order to know, you must listen to this song.YouTube video thumbnail

Ask me.

I will confess.

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So, do you believe in witchcraft or God?

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You will not know. And very unlikely because if someone casts a spell, it could come back to them a 3-fold backlash.

It's all in your head, so take some black shoe polish, spread it on your forehead, touch your toes three times, and take two aspirins and call me in the morning. Problem solved.

First, listen to see if you can hear Santana's Black Magic Woman playing. If you can, you're high as fuck. If you don't, well that's another matter. Black magic can only work if the castor is nearby. He doesn't need to see you, just knows where you are. Go find him and pay him your debt. Don't skip out on your tips to mage workers.

First cut a raw onion in half.

1)Place one half of the onion on the bottom of your foot, cover with your sock..
2) Repeat step one on your other bare foot..


Google it.

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You have to figure that out on your own.

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