Ready for lunch? See below.

Image for post Ready for lunch? See below.
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Manhatten style as well😄

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I thought the small print read “Downloadable.” Just realised it’s “Microwaveable.”hehe smilie


Much loved in Britain

@Masha Natto?

It's good for your Cardio plumbing...When I make it, I use black beans instead if soybeans.

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Lots of crazy will happen on this post...beware!!hehe smilie
I’m talkin’ pound cake, rump roast, doughnut holes, fish sticks, Hung Wang Foods, Inc, The Gentleman’s Relish, and (Zonk in the house?) jussipussi.

I had a wonderful shrimp dinner at Red Lobster...yummy!

No thanks....I don't like dark meat..

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