those huge airplane used in war to carry tanks to drop army troops from the air to supply food to other place during a war why those huge airplane considered very powerful property in army. whenever I see them I feel that they are most vulnerable as any one can shoot them down from land with a tank, missile or even in air a fighter jet one shot and down very easy prey so why they are considered most powerful to have in army. I don't know am wrong or right correct me

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Super Hercules is the second biggest airplane, that currently travels our skies. It's a four-engined turboprop (turbine driving the propellor). The basic design is ancient, not in the proper meaning of the word, but they have been flying around a lot before I was even born. The biggest is Antonov An-225, with six turbofans (turbine driving the jet engine) but they have built only one of them and since it's a real monster, the loads it carries are quite extraordinary as well. Big is good, but not in bunches. A smaller An-124 is very popular and even it is bloody huge, when it comes to planes.

Now, they aren't as vulnerable as one might think. C-130, for example, has a flare system, that comes with the civilian versions as well. Since it's a propellor-driven aircraft, it doesn't generate as much heat as the jet engines do, so... Heat seeking missiles... Pfft. A direct gun blast from a tank would definitely be the worst thing such a plane could handle. That would be one dead whale in the air. But... Let's get back to the question itself.

Yes. They are still vulnerable and every military in the world understands the same problem. The usual way to deal with the problem is simple. Let's not leave it alone. There is usually a squadron of four fighter planes keeping each and every transport plane, in the time of war and over enemy territory, as safe as possible.

Generally, when we fly certain aircraft into an area, we have already designated it as safe airspace. That means we have neutralized all "known" threats to the aircraft. There is always the chance that some threat has been missed though.

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