Another bad idea....he didn't learn a thing by trusting the Korean guy. Even though the United States Intelligence Agencies has confirmed that Russia meddled in our election, Congress has put sanctions on them because of it. But Trump would rather believe Putin, a known dictator, liar and killer then he would his own intelligence agencies. How ignorant is that? I sure hope Putin doesn't want Alaska, because he'll get it. Guess Trump is going to make Russia Great Again, you think?

Trump has no business being a president, he is either naïve or just plain stupid...I'll go with the last option. This will blow up in his face as well, as soon as Putin gets what he wants. Then he'll blame Obama as usual. Plus, he'll throw our good friends, our allies, Canada, the UK, France, etc. under the bus and won't give them another thought. Trump is destroying America. Wake up people. Stop this tyrant before it's too late.