I live in So Caifornia, I realize many people think we are out of step with the rest of the country. That may be true, I'm not sure, but I truly am interested in the allure of Donald Trump with so many in the middle and southern states. I'm not looking to argue, or looking to disagree with anyone, I honestly am interested in why the division in this country.

The country is becoming more and more divided. Maybe an honest discussion can help to unite us once again. I am interested in seeing others points of view.

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I think you know how I feel. I don't like what he's doing to our country. One mess after another.

@StarzAbove I think you know how I feel. I don't like what he's doing to our country. One mess after another.

Yes, I do know how you feel, and I agree with your opinions on Trump more than I disagree. What I'm looking for is to hear from the people who voted for Trump, and why they agree with him.

@StarzAbove Ooops, sorry!

No offense Starz, I am interested in what you have to say also. Generally we agree about Trump more than we disagree. I'm really trying to understand why people support Trump and what I'm missing.

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They might, but I'm not convinced of that yet. The economy is bumping along pretty well, and employment is low. I think people will vote their pocketbook over policies they may or may not agree with.

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You might be right Linnster, trickle down economics didn't work for Reagan, I guess we will see if it works this time around. I hope the economy continues to do well, but like you, I have my doubts. I hope we are both wrong.

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I agree with you about Obama Rooster. A smart man, good at speeches, but overthought every decision he had to make and seemed incapable of actually doing anything.
How close are you to any of the 3 fires?

Honestly I think it's simply local culture differences and has now gone into opinion news and people are believing that opinion news in both directions and real true journalism is becoming a lost art.

Also with the internet, crazys in all directions are spreading out, as people can now find items that agree with their preconceived notions, which they think proves them right and backs their stories and making them even more import.

And when I say crazys... yes politics, but also the super crazys... like child predator, people that believe in aliens are in charge of everything, and super conspiracy theorist which believe every single mass killing in the US has been a secret government cover-up with actors and either very few or no real people actually died... and people are seeing and completely believing this crazy mess.

Don't get me wrong... I believe a government cover-up could happen... but not every single one. And I don't believe for a second the Raiders OL let their QB get sacked 4 times on purpose because he didn't kneel. They simply struggled at pass protection and were facing a good pass rushing team.

Good take Zolfie, cable "news" is largely opinion news with their silly panels. Fox spins it right, MSNBC spins it left, and it is easy to find someone who will agree with your preconceived opinions. That and a Congress that doesn't seem to do much of anything but vie for TV time.
Are you saying aliens aren't in charge? I'll bet you think the moon landing was real too don't you? hehe smilie

Thanks for your reply, gives me something to think about.

Oh just lookat how many years the civil war has been ended - still south is mad at north , just the way people are is my though..

Thanks so much for your views Bud, actually I agree with a lot of what you have said. I'm beginning to think the media is, at least, partially responsible for the divide in the country. Marco Rubio said that Congressmen will often side with Trump, even when they don't like what he said on a subject simply because they feel the media never cuts Trump a break on anything.
He may be right.
The next few months will be almost unbearable on cable news because they will go on and on about the Supreme court. Personally, I don't think it matters all that much whether the court is conservative or liberal leaning. As long as the justices stay someone moderate and listen to both sides, I'm good with their decisions. Some decisions I will agree with, some I won't, same as I have always felt.
I have to wander off to work now, but would like to continue our conversation later.
Have a good day Bud

Thanks for your post Gronk, I agree that people are spending more money and the economy is bumping right along. I also spend a lot of time at the beach, and in SoCal, you aren't likely to see many MAGA hats lol. I also have a home in the mountains, and there are a lot of Trump supporters.
The media does seem to have an agenda with Trump. MSNBC and Fox are largely opinion stations and have very little news. CNN is a little better, but still has a left bias. I've found CBS to be the fairest of all the network news stations, and they tend to be slightly left of center.
Trump himself is kind of crude, and I don't think all that smart, but as long as the economy is doing well, and we don't have another war, I can tolerate him. I will vote my pocketbook every time.
Hope you had a fun vacation. Welcome back.

I have absolutely no idea.

There have always been disagreements in politics. There have been changes in the degree of disagreement, changes in ideology, and the addition of Identity Politics that have torn America apart.

There's also greater Distrust of government officials and media.

All these things were likely present to one degree or another since the founding. But I personally witnessed things going from simmer to boil during G.W. Bush's time in office. Maybe it was 9-11 that kicked the flame up - I'm not sure. But from that day forward the president was on the hot seat - as if he had flown one of those planes into the towers himself. The democrats and media were good pals but became joined at the hip at this point.

It was during this time that Dan Rather was nailed for airing fake news - he lost his job, the nation is still divided over whether it was true or not.

In 2008, Barack Obama campaigned as a new kind of politician, someone who could bring America’s disparate factions together in a new era beyond partisan politics.

“On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics,” the president proclaimed in his inaugural address in 2009.

Aaaand, it didn't really go that way so much. After eight years of his own partisan attacks, wildly unpopular legislation and unilateral executive actions, Obama has proven to be one of the most divisive presidents in U.S. history.

The democrats and media became even more emboldened. As Obama's tenure waned, muscling Obama's desires into action and lies to the public became common practice. It seemed every special interest group imaginable was demanding some special protection. The left embraced each one as they came along. If a person were to oppose the administration’s transgender bathroom policy for example, that person would be publicly shamed, talking heads might claim "he is just like a Klansman, why even discuss the matter?"

The country was divided into ever smaller groups, each fighting for it's own identity. The Tea Party by the way was always fighting for the country, to maintain the Constitution. Many people from many various of these groups started to worry about our culture, our society.

When the campaigns for 2016 rolled around, the media was already in hyper active mode. It looked like the media was actually steering the democrats now with the ever changing lead story. During the first year and a half of Trump's 1st term the accusations were plentiful. The public had already learned from the media that severe accusations were good enough to determine guilt before any facts are actually known. So democrats across the country are convinced that Trump colluded with foreign countries to steal the election from Hillary and is hell bent on torturing children, destroying the Eco-system, handing the keys of the country over to the highest paying despot, ensuring that no one has health care, that no one could dream of retirement, and pushing old people off cliffs.

The political drama appears to be close to a climax with Congress having determined that much of the investigations into Trump were fixed, much doubt cast upon Hillary and upper echelon FBI, CIA, DOJ and maybe higher. And another Supreme Court Justice appointment by Trump will solidify a Constitutional Supreme Court for a generation or two and the democrats simply can not abide with that. They have too much invested to lose that much time. They're pissed and with the help of the media will stir up a civil confrontation that hasn't been seen since the days of Abraham Lincoln.


Make America great again!! #trumpalltheway

I don't have time for the divisiveness to disrupt my personal life..

I just had 8 years of a presidents politics, I didn't agree with at all, in Obama.
My life went on, I wasn't consumed by hate or conspiracies.

You don't agree with the president now?...hate or do whatever you feel like doing..

My life will still go on as usual but if that hate ever makes it to my front door, that's where the problems are going to start..

@DandyDon I don't have time for the divisiveness to disrupt my personal life.. I just had 8 years of a presidents politics...

Oh, my life isn't really affected by any President, I'm just interested in why the country has become so divided.

@hootowl DID YOU ASK THAT WHEN Obama WAS PRESIDENT? He was the all time great divider.

The country has actually been pretty divided since Bill Clinton, and has only gotten worse with time.

@Flrdsgns Oh, my life isn't really affected by any President, I'm just interested in why the country has become so divided.

Because everyone will never agree with any one president at the same time..business as usual.

I don't buy into us being divided any more than at any other time...the media is in the Jerry Springer mode..

More drama than actual fact..

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In reality, I think all that constant bashing by msm is going to hurt them.

It'll give them something to think about, when Trump wins again.

Just like it did to me, when Obama won a second time.

For one thing, hopefully it'll make them step back and realize to stop believing everything lame stream media puts out, to fool people with.

When I say "lame stream media" I mean all of them..

I'm not one of these people that thinks only the ones that represent me are telling the truth.

They are all a joke, as far as just reporting news.

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