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Almost every neighborhood has someone that is just a cranky old fucker that wants to share their unhappiness with everyone else. Sort of an older version of this: Image in content

If a kid accidentally cuts part of my lawn, I might offer to pay them to finish the rest of the yard! Especially in this heat!

I'd sneak back and give that lawn some plant growth stuff. Then he'll come calling for us to mow it or be stuck in his own jungle!

Some people have to fuss about every little thing, busybodies who have no life.

Yes, indeed. That seems be happening a lot lately, people calling the police over really dumb stuff...or maybe we're just hearing about it more. It happened to me a couple of times, long ago, and both times the police officers were apologetic and seemed a little embarrassed that they had to respond to the complaint.
I can understand someone being upset over their plants being mowed down or something, but grass? Oh brother. Even then, though, calling the police is pretty silly, and an unnecessary waste of their time.

If that kid wants to come my way I will pay him to do my lazy neighbor's lawn. That is seriously crazy that anyone would call the police on the kid.

He can cut mine anytime.

Talk about how people have no life

The complainer must be retired.

I have a neighbor that's retired, he cuts his grass 3 or 4 times a week.
I think he measures the grass with a ruler.

Do you realize how long it takes that grass to grow?

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